Ampshades 2Amp Shades: A Dialogue with the World Around Us. An interactive Soundscape design created from everyday functional objects by Jodie Kell and Sheena Roberts.














The Ampshades debuted at the 2020 Vision exhibition held at Art Systems Wickham in 2012.

imagesThis exhibition was looking toward the future. Curated by Graham Wilson, twenty artists created twenty visions of Newcastle in the year 2020. Architects, planners, video artists, sculptors and painters to name of few of the media used to convey the vision.
For this exhibition I interviewed Novocastrians young and old asking them to name one thing they would like to see in Newcastle in the year 2020. I recorded their answers on my phone.

I created a collage of their answers and these were played inside the gorgeous ampshade creations of Sheena Roberts using found object and fabric collage with a sound and light system I installed that was audience interactive.


What you hear now is a collage of their answers divided into three main themes; transport, social activity and the environment.
The voices of Newcastle speak loud and clear and look toward a vision of change and renewal of this our beautiful city industry and natural environments.




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