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A creative game played between Australia and Europe by musicians.

It’s a game. Here’s how it works.
You record the rhythm track of a song. Say 3-4 minutes long. You can use real drums, samples, drum machines. your call. The entire song, chorus, breaks, rolls, endings….
Then you send this across the cloud to the next on your list.
In the meantime you will receive a rhythm track from another artist. You receive it across the internet.
You record a bass track onto the rhythm track and then pass it on.
Then comes melody 1 and melody 2. On any instruments of your choice.
It’s a circle of musicians working together without ego, letting go of their creativity and passing it onto others. Strangers. Trusting.
Next you will write your lyrics. To a song you have not heard yet. From people you do not know.
You send them on.
And receive yours with the song.
Finally you sing.


Listen here.

Just a Lie is a song I composed and sang the vocal melodies to lyrics sent to me. 

Hot Knives is a song for which I wrote the rhythm track that was the start of the composition process.

For more RotariKlub songs to listen to click here

Last note: I was invited to be part of this project by Sarah Bock. Her website can be seen here


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