The Endless Journey

​Inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm, “The Endless Journey” is a multi disciplinary construction of a modern day fairy story. This is no happy ending but a dark sad tale that aims to provoke discussion about Australia’s treatment of children who are seeking asylum on our shores.

Created by Jodie Kell (artistic director/composer), Byron Williams (artistic director/ composer/performer), Lu Quade (film maker/animator) and Roje Ndayambaje (poet/performer) for the Art Bender exhibition at the Lock Up Gallery

The story is told through animated projection that interweaves through real suitcases that are a physical representation of the displacement and journey of refuges. It was followed by a live performance of  “Made A Poet” by Roje Ndayambaje.

The beauty and delicacy of the fairy story encourages audience to identify with their own experiences of childhood in a thought provoking piece that asks us to reflect upon how we view the vulnerable and aims to raise questions about who is the big bad wolf in this real life nightmare.

This performance was part of the Lost Children campaign run by Amnesty International in 2015. The audience was offered the opportunity to write and post a #shareamemory card. These were collected by Amnesty and used as part of their campaign.

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