Cinco Locos Film Clip

A bit of nostalgia. I was reminded of this film clip by my son Clarence who found it online.

Cinco Locos was a 5 piece formed on the tropical verandahs of Darwin NT in 2001.

The members were Byron Williams (AKA Toe-Fu from the Herd) on vocals and guitar, Phil Eaton on Bass, Ingrid Smith on Saxophone, Jodie Kell on Trumpet and Justin Moon doing beats and samples.

This film clip was made at the Pub Bar in Darwin for a track recorded as part of the SBS The Whatever Sessions CD.

Puk U by Cinco Locos

To best describe the music of cinco locos it is best to enter “casa del la cinco locos” ; the home of cinco locos.


A solid foundation of breaks is laid down in the most fertile of soils; breaks designed to address the human yearning for the ‘thumpiest’ of kicks to the crispest of snare to cut through the mix… we all know one cannot build a house on sand. Once the foundations are laid the framework is erected. A framework not of pine or of mahognany but dubbed out deep bass lines hitting the punters deep in their intestine causing an involuntary head nodding action to commence. If you experience this, it should subside shortly after the show but if nodding persists please consult your doctor.

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